RVs and Road Trips in North America

If you haven't noticed it already, the North American continent is a big place. If you were to drive from Lubec, Maine to Coos Bay, Oregon, you would have traveled from one of the easternmost cities in the United States to one of the westernmost cities. The distance traveled would have been about 3,500 miles. Of course, Hawaii is further west, but since it is an island, we do not count for this article. The point of these figures is to illustrate the large size of North America and the United States in particular. Why do we have to worry about this? Well, if you like weather, we live in a good country to take massive weather trips.

If you've already traveled a fair amount in the United States, you've noticed the large number of motor homes or RV's on the road. These are a popular way to travel as you can use the vehicle to travel long distances in relative comfort. When fatigue sets in, it is easy to stop for the night at a campground or empty car park and turn on some rest in the built-in bunks or beds you find in RVs of all shapes and sizes.

These types of recreational vehicles are generally not the most fuel efficient way to travel, but it makes it easier to shorten the need to stop at hotels or motels on the road to get a night's rest, and they also make it easier for larger ones. groups to travel together. Many traveling artists use large buses similar to Greyhound buses that have been equipped as RVs. This allows for a more private and comfortable travel experience as well as providing a place to stay if needed in the final destination.

One disadvantage of driving a large RV is that if you plan to spend some time at your destination or in stop along the way and need a vehicle to run errands or go sightseeing, the big RV is definitely not the one ideal form of transport. Because of this, many RV owners will use a car dolly to pull their backup vehicle behind them for use along the way. Usually, this vehicle is a small car that does not overload the RV that pulls the rope and does not use too much fuel when it is in use on it. Another potential method some owners use is to bring a scooter or motorcycle together mounted on a stand on the back of the RV.