It's not that big of a deal

You would have thought business owners and the people they hire to run their businesses would have got it now. It's a month away from the seventh anniversary of 9/11, and unfortunately, as I write this, I can still hear the last one … "It's not that big of a deal" calling in my ears.

Do you remember the penultimate season of Sopranos on HBO some years ago? Being from Jersey and growing up in a predominantly Italian city, I am a big fan of the crime drama. Tony's "familia" is always looking for new, interesting and illegal ways to keep him, Carmela, Meadow & AJ in the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

One of these scams involves Tony's nephew and newly appointed Capo (Captain) Christopher Moltasante. Chris & his crew move credit card numbers all over Jersey and sell them to two highly suspected Middle Eastern dissent men.

Remember how the fraud almost puts poor Artie Bucco's restaurant out of service? American Express revoked his merchant account. He confronted his staff and began to lose confidence in them. Showing his hostess, one of his most trusted employees, tweaked the cards just below his nose and gave them to his gangster girlfriend. Another hostess dropped dime on the way to expensive new shoes.

What about the scene where a Chris & # 39; The crew collects skimmer from the Orthodox Jewish motel owner he looks up slowly from his prayer book to take the cool envelope of cash and hand out the skimmer then he goes back to prayer. It is only on the screen for a few seconds. Really think of the irony of that scene: A Jew takes money from men of Middle Eastern dissent (possibly terrorists), via the mob, for stolen credit cards that could be used by other men in Middle Eastern dissent to buy missiles and launch those in Israel or fund other terrorist acts worldwide – including the United States. If only we all could be so cooperative in positive uplifting efforts

David Chase that the show's executive producer took it right there. But what does a story from a fictional TV show have to do with 9/11? Mr. Chase used his TV show to produce a near documentary on how identity theft finances terrorism. He got it right. But what did people talk about? – "Gay" Why? Repeat after me, "It's not that big of a deal." The "I" refers to Identity Theft.

19 men in Middle Eastern dissent could plunge planes, later hijacking and then intentionally and irrespective of human life plunged into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and a small field in Pennsylvania, with stolen identities (DMV & sign identity theft). The planning and execution of these attacks was paid with funds that were largely derived from credit card fraud (financial identity theft), including the fake documentation that allowed these men to learn to fly planes and live and work among us (DMV & SS ID Theft)

Richard Clark, President Bush's former terrorist chief, said: "I fear identity theft more than all queada."

Quite right, while in the office formerly acting NJ governor Richard Codey heard him. On September 22, 2005, he signed the New Jersey Identity Theft Prevention Act. The law is appropriate for the business community because criminal companies will not pursue one or two identities when they can get hundreds, thousands, tens, even hundreds of thousands with the same effort and minimal risk.

However, the law is malformed. It suggests that there is a way to prevent identity theft when in fact there is no. Too many data are placed in databases that can be compromised, and thanks to a part of the internet, a beginner can also match an almost complete identity with multiple bits of these data cobblestones together. Gregory M. Lamb wrote in his article for Christian Science Monitor "The End of Privacy" "In an increasingly digitalized world, our information becomes less secure." July 23, 2006 Star-Ledger reporter Ralph Ortega went undercover to chronicle how easy it is for illegal immigrants to get all the necessary documentation to get employment. On July 21, two Texas brothers just two days before the report was gossiped to sell fake IDs. The police believe they traveled the country that sold fake documents, including social security cards and driver's licenses from all 50 states.

You think I have everything from a TV show? No, I got it from the same place, David Chase, 9/11 Commission report. Mr. Chase used his shady characters to tell a very real and dangerous story, one to be told over and over until businessmen in NJ & around the country wake up. Business owners must learn to protect their businesses, their employees, customers, suppliers and themselves. Our military fighting matches, identity theft can be financing – it's a big deal – a very big deal, one that you don't want to find yourself on the wrong side of.

Disneyland Vs Disney World – Which is Better?

What's better, Disney World or Disneyland? I recently had the opportunity to visit both parks so I thought I would share my views with you.

first Convenience:

Disney Land is in the middle of a city. It is surrounded by and walled off from the hustle and bustle of Anaheim, CA. This means it is surrounded by restaurants, grocery stores and hotels. When I went to Disneyland, I could go straight from my motel. At the end of the day we simply went back. Simple. Disney World, by contrast, is nothing like that. It sits on a large piece of land that is isolated from something else. Without staying in one of Disney's hotels, you'll see at least 30 minutes driving time to get to Disney World from anywhere in Orlando. Then you have to pay for parking and it is usually a long walk from your car to get to the park because the parking lot is amazing! With convenience, Disneyland is the clear winner.

2nd Variety

On the other hand, the fact that Disney World is on such a large isolated piece of land brings its own benefits. There is much more area to spread out in and they can better create the experience of truly being in another "world". Disney World has 4 large parks – The Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom. They also have some smaller parks and water parks, but I didn't go to any of them.

Generally, I say that both parks are worth it. Disneyland is much more comfortable, but it was that I was totally blown away by the overall experience at Disney World.

RVs and Road Trips in North America

If you haven't noticed it already, the North American continent is a big place. If you were to drive from Lubec, Maine to Coos Bay, Oregon, you would have traveled from one of the easternmost cities in the United States to one of the westernmost cities. The distance traveled would have been about 3,500 miles. Of course, Hawaii is further west, but since it is an island, we do not count for this article. The point of these figures is to illustrate the large size of North America and the United States in particular. Why do we have to worry about this? Well, if you like weather, we live in a good country to take massive weather trips.

If you've already traveled a fair amount in the United States, you've noticed the large number of motor homes or RV's on the road. These are a popular way to travel as you can use the vehicle to travel long distances in relative comfort. When fatigue sets in, it is easy to stop for the night at a campground or empty car park and turn on some rest in the built-in bunks or beds you find in RVs of all shapes and sizes.

These types of recreational vehicles are generally not the most fuel efficient way to travel, but it makes it easier to shorten the need to stop at hotels or motels on the road to get a night's rest, and they also make it easier for larger ones. groups to travel together. Many traveling artists use large buses similar to Greyhound buses that have been equipped as RVs. This allows for a more private and comfortable travel experience as well as providing a place to stay if needed in the final destination.

One disadvantage of driving a large RV is that if you plan to spend some time at your destination or in stop along the way and need a vehicle to run errands or go sightseeing, the big RV is definitely not the one ideal form of transport. Because of this, many RV owners will use a car dolly to pull their backup vehicle behind them for use along the way. Usually, this vehicle is a small car that does not overload the RV that pulls the rope and does not use too much fuel when it is in use on it. Another potential method some owners use is to bring a scooter or motorcycle together mounted on a stand on the back of the RV.