Compact refrigerators are large when small is needed


The small refrigerator can be used in many places that a regular sized refrigerator would not be practical. Many places, including offices, apartments, student bars, hotels, motels and military homes can benefit from using compact refrigerators.

Many models of compact refrigerators are good for home use. A finished basement with a family room or a rec room can better utilize a small refrigerator over a large one. And of course when traveling in your home, the smaller frig is a must. There are many more areas in the home and office when less is more convenient.

Most compact refrigerators come with many features.


Fuzzy logic with automatic defrost

Door hanger can be converted to left or right side

Adjustable shelves

Door holders with bottle fingers

Some are made specifically for keeping wine and beer cool. These come with double glass doors, adjustable shelves and a wine bottle shelf. These machines are very reliable and a good solution for tight spaces.

On vacation with the kids? Compact refrigerators can go on trips. Parents can keep healthy snacks, formal and even medicines that are fresh in these machines. Several are supplied with 12 volt adapters for use in vehicles.


Islamorada, Florida Hotels – Where did they go?


Islamorada, Florida Keys. Where the big outdoors lures you. The ocean. Reef. The cool sea breeze.

Just another day in paradise! But there is only one small problem.

When the day is finished, where can you stay? Where are all Islamorada, Florida hotels?

Islamorada Florida Hotels

Islamorada lodging is a little more difficult than in the rest of the Florida Keys. Maybe because Islamorada is between Key Largo and Marathon, people often go to one or the other. And for some reason, a place to stay in Islamorada tends to be more expensive than the other Florida Keys.

When comparing different Islamorada accommodation types, there are a few things to keep in mind. The main reason why people stay in Islamorada is because they have a fishing charter. Since the best time to fish is either early in the morning or past sunset, you will probably find a place to live pretty close to the marina.

However, Islamorada is also a prime diving spot in the Florida Keys. If you come to the reef is important to you, there are some resorts that offer diving and snorkeling trips. In addition, these are not many public beaches, so if you want to "beach it" on your vacation, try to find a resort that has its own.

They tax the beds?

Well, not really, but the keys require a 11.5% resort (bed) tax per night. If you're trying to keep a budget, keep that in mind. Then $ 100 per day. Night stay suddenly $ 117.50 (including Florida state tax).

Prices tend to be reliably high, and great deals are not as common (though for the sleuthful traveler they are out there). In any case, find a resort that best suits your needs.

Islamorada Lodging

When it comes to Islamorada, Florida hotels, your choices include chain hotels, mom and pop motels and a complete vacation or two. There are just not always enough rooms to walk around when it is first class fishing and diving season.

Your best bet? You guessed it – "it depends". What is your budget and what do you want to do?

If you want bells and whistles in a resort, you might want to look at Pelican Cove. You can rent a boat or jet ski, dock your own boat, take a walk or just nap by the pool.

On a tight budget? You can check out Dagens Inn. There may not be many frills, but it is a place to live that does not break the bank.

High-end Islamorada, Florida hotels are also available. The Moorings are completely exclusive, and it has been called one of Islamorada's best kept secrets.

Want to know some more goodies about Islamorada hotels and resorts? Look at some of the rates? Check out:

Have a great Florida Keys vacation!


The dangers of a motel room


There are many jobs out there that require you to travel many times during the year. Traveling can be fun, you move around the world and see sights that others only dream about. You get to experience different cultures and their different beliefs. Really there can be nothing sweeter than coming to a distant country and not realizing how different we are, but how we can be alike. My mother sold real estate around the world and I was fortunate enough to go with her. When I was a little older, I was even allowed to go to these places by myself. It was great to be so young and able to go to these beautiful different countries. Every time I wanted to go, she would give me a certain amount of money to buy food and stay in a hotel near the house. My job while I was there was to clean up the house by making various duties such as cleaning the windows, sweeping and moping, cutting the lawn and just getting it prepared for a potential cottage builder.

My mother would give me anything for all my hard work of course, but it was only eighty to one hundred every time I went. What I originally started to realize was that if I lived in a place not as fancy as the local Holiday Inn, I could potentially save hundreds of dollars that I could pocket. When I actually saved four hundred dollars from the amount my mother had told me so I could stay at a fancy hotel. But I have always worked with me, the motels in the different countries were far below the living conditions of the hotels. There were bugs, no hot and dirty sheets. While I was in Singapore, I actually made a very unpleasant rash that took over the better part of my knee. It scared me so much that I ended up sleeping on an explosive bed at the house, which I was supposed to imagine. But to be a kid who loved money I decided to keep money at the motels so what I did was tell my mom it freaked me out to sleep on the hotel beds because I was worried they weren't cleaned well . She told me that there was nothing to worry about, but if I was still coordinated, she could get me a duvet cover and that I could use duvet covers to protect me from any bacteria that would be left on the bed. Since then I have used duvet covers when traveling and wherever I stay and I have not had any rash since, therefore I recommend using a duvet set to protect you from the dangers of a motel room.