By Hangers Get the word out

Door hangers are not just for hotels and motels anymore. Door trailers offer a strong advertising medium that countless companies use every day to promote their products and services. Door hangers are used in any kind of business imaginable and can be customized to suit any needs. Door hangers are suitable for small home-based companies as well as large companies. There are many ways you can get creative with these to promote your business. The following are some of the most popular.

Community Ads

Let your neighbors know about your new business without spending a lot of money by using custom door trailers in your community. Add a package that tells a little about your business and your products and choose door hanger bags that allow you to include more information, such as brochures, coins, etc.

Motivate your employees

Maybe you & # 39; Be a sales team leader and would like to offer incentives to motivate your sales force. Here again, hanger bags are useful as they allow you to offer prizes to performance-driven employees. Clear plastic bags printed with motivational excerpts like "Way To Go!" Egypt "# 1" along with a small reward will drive your sales force to succeed. Everyone likes to be recognized, and this little token will reap big rewards.

Seminars and Conferences

Advertise your business while directing visitors and employees to the relevant areas for special features and events. Easily mark doors and other areas with your special message and consider giving them away at fairs. When you hold an event at a hotel where the participants are staying, consider meeting with the management to see if your company can provide the hotel with door clothes throughout the stay.

Every day in the office

Spread the word in the office using door trailers for different needs. Keep intruders out of meetings by temporarily marking doors with the appropriate message. If something around the office would need a quick "Out of Order" sign, take an empty door hanger and a sharpie and label away!

Door rails are a powerful advertising medium that provides unique flexibility as opposed to another form of advertising. The cost effectiveness of hangers makes it easy to keep them, regardless of the situation. When you pair clear plastic door hanger bags with your unique message, you can take advantage of the power to give while you advertise. Keep a supply of hangers and bags in the office and in your car. You never know when you leave a quick note, could become a marketing opportunity that could cost you a new customer.

Source by Sam Kelly