Travel Portland, Oregon – A Brief Essential Guide

Travel to Portland Oregon for a truly amazing city experience. Not only is Portland a beautiful city that combines stunning old and new, but it is a lively, exciting, culturally active city. Whether you are going to Portland on a business trip, a weekend break or family vacation, you will not be disappointed. There is more than you might do in a week or two. Portland is located in the Marine West Coast climate area, characterized by warm summers and rainy but temperate winters.

This climate is ideal for growing roses, and for more than a century, Portland has been known as the "Rosesby" with many roses and we must not forget it also known as the home of the Trail Blazer's NBA basketball team. There is an abundance of hotels, motels and camps in the area, so you certainly will not be short of a place to live.

As far as activities are concerned, there are almost too many to mention. But let's try it. There are 5 theme parks to keep kids and adults happy, 9 museums, 3 arboretums, a casino, 24 conference venues, 7 conference centers, 3 country clubs, a property, an exhibition hall, 6 golf clubs, a library, mansions, racetrack, 4 sports events , 20 theaters, 2 theme parks, a yacht club and a zoo. There are festivals, roads, offering a wealth of classes, exhibitions, concerts and performances in the arts, music, drama and dance. An amazing park and recreational system that makes Portland a great place to live, work and play. Portland Parks & Recreation operates 13 community centers, 12 SUN community schools, 13 swimming pools, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, Community Music Center and Multnomah Arts Center, and many other facilities.

There are facilities for baseball, basketball course, ice skating, football, cycling and riding trails. Once you've filled in all this activity, you can relax in any number of bars and restaurants. From the relaxed to the revised you will find your evenings in Portland as exciting as the days. If after your full day you are too tired to switch to dinner, do not worry. There are casual places for you and the kids to relax and dine and enjoy your evening.

If you have a romantic holiday for two, you may want to see your most elegant and there are bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels where you will feel dressed, definitely worth it. Whatever your style or preference, you'll find it here in Portland. You can see all these wonders in Portland from air traffic. The best way to see all the city has to offer and probably one of the first places you should try. Once you've seen the city from high, you can choose where to go next time. Have a good time when traveling to Portland, Oregon.

Source by Sunny Jones