How to get the best hotel deal

Do I have to book through an agent to get a hotel deal?
This depends really on where in the world you want to travel, what time of year you want to travel and how far in advance you can book your hotel reservations. You have already checked the popular travel sites. Try to check out the hotels & # 39; sites directly. Sometimes you can get a better deal by booking directly with a hotel than through a booking agent.

Which website do you need to find hotel deals?
No website will always have the best hotel offers. You must check around to find the website of the hotels you are interested in, call the 800 number and the hotel itself. Many offers are unique to one place or another. Also ask about AAA, AARP rates, etc. And then check out a week or two in advance to see if something new has emerged.

Most people do not know about hotel deals.
Everyone sees paranoid on getting the best flight when we actually find that lodging costs are usually the biggest expense when we go on vacation. Maybe it's because airline travel is much more an item: there is much less variation (and much less choice) among airlines than regular hotels, so it's more reasonable to compare them with price.

Many people seem to get out of the way to $ 25 on a ticket, but ignore the fact that they could also save 25 dollars a day in a hotel room. The same hotel room; Eg. AARP rates are typically a 10% discount.

What service can you expect from a hotel deal.
Some paying rack rates expect the highest service. If you pay at a reduced rate, you should expect less?

If you get lower quality service because of the discount, is it really a discount at all? Rabat means you pay less and still get the same service, do not you?

For that reason you do it; I expect the same service in any case. Do you really think the hotel staff is wearing a printout that shows which customers paid what rate? Do you get fewer peanuts on the airline you ordered 60 days in advance, too?

What kind of room can you expect when you have a hotel deal?
What is it about how hotels and motels assign guests their rooms? In all our travels we have been amazed at how we always get the least comfortable room while the rest of the property stays empty when we check into almost empty hotels / motels.

If you do not specify a preference, you usually get what the desk clerk spots are, or you get the least desirable rooms so they can keep them better accessible to people who do not care about requesting them. People who get the worst rooms are often those who: 1. The check-in person thinks will not complain about it, 2. They got a good internet deal or another deal.

Most people make their preference known when they make their reservations if they have one. Each design has its pros and cons; on top of the back it is usually quiet. "Down and in" (downstairs in the parking lot) usually has easy access to the pool and no headlights in your window. "Up and out" lets you keep an eye on your car, but again with less headlights and a little less noise than the "down and out" that you can park right in front of.

Last word about hotel deals.
So do not be shy or embarrassed to get a discount from your hotel deal. And do not be afraid to expect the same service.

Source by Finn Jensen