Difference between small and large budget hotels

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Today, in all tourist areas, big or small, you will find plenty of hotels. In fact, in recent days there has been an increasing number of hotels in all places, either because of the popularity of the place or because of the increasing number of vacationers.
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Different hotels charge different rates according to the services they provide and also based on their location. There are both cheap and large budget hotels, so it is not hard to find hotels of choice. There are several hotels that provide additional extras, and they charge a little more. However, it is important for customers to decide if they want such hotels.
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Most hotels make it possible to satisfy their customers in every possible way. Some of the hotels offer high standards of service to satisfy their customers. There are also some cheap selection hotels, and they also do their best to satisfy their customers with the smallest features they can offer.
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A customer who is looking forward to a relaxing holiday can of course use a little more and think about staying in the big budget hotels. In that case, the facilities and services they receive will also be immune.
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The big budget hotels can certainly offer all facilities, ranging from sports to swimming pools and many more leisure activities. There are registered experts at these hotels that are there to meet the different requirements of the different customers.
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In fact, they are trained to provide 24 hour service to the customers and satisfy them in the best possible way. These facilities are certainly not available in the cheaper hotels, but that does not mean people do not stay in these cheaper. With less services, these hotels obviously help save money.
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Funeral movie: Grand Theft Parsons

This story is so unusual that if it did not really happen, nobody would believe it. It involves two men, a tugboat, a dead rock star, five gallons of gasoline and a promise.

Remember the influential rock musician Gram Parsons? He played with Emmylou Harris, The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers and The International Submarine Band. Parsons died in 1973 in a motel room near the Joshua Tree National Monument from an overdose of morphine at the age of 26 years.
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The movie Grand Theft Parsons (2003) is based on the true story of what happened to Parsons & # 39; body after he died. The film illustrates certain issues that may be useful for starting funeral or property conversations.

Before his death, Parsons stated that he wanted his body to cremate on Joshua Tree and his ashes scattered over Cap Rock, a prominent natural function there. His supervisor Phil Kaufman (who also managed Parsons & Drugs and Alcohol, as well as he could) and he had a covenant.
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The one who died first, the other would take the body of Joshua Tree and "set his mind free", that is, put the body on fire.

Take a body from a hospital

At the beginning of the movie, Kaufman (the game of Johnny Knoxville) tries to get Parson's body from the little remote hospital near Joshua Tree. The nurse says that, as he is not a doctor or close relative, he has no rights to access the body. He tries to steal the body from the hospital without success.
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Parsons & # 39; The body goes to Los Angeles International Airport for shipment to New Orleans for funeral. Parsons & # 39; arrested for a private ceremony, neglect to invite friends from the music industry.

In the movie, Kaufman hires a psychedelic lamp to pick up the body from the airport and direct the airline office clerk to get Parson's body.

Once upon Joshua Tree, Kaufman tries to cure Parsons by pouring five gallons of gasoline into the open chest and throwing a lit cigarette inside – resulting in an intense fireball. That part of the film remains pretty close to the true story.
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What does a will do?

The movie adds snarky ex-girlfriend Barbara Mansfield (played by Christina Applegate). She tries to pay on Parson's money and earthly inventory using a handwritten note on the back of a flyer. She says it is his will, but there is no notarization or something that would make it official.
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The note states: "For what it may concern: I would like to know that it is my desire to leave Barbara Mansfield my assets and property in the event of my death. Signed, Gram Parsons."

Kaufman tells her that there is no will. She says it's a signed promise from Gram to leave her all her stuff. Parsons was married to another woman at that time.

Using this note, she tries to get Parson's guitar and music master from Kaufman. She also tries to get money from the bank.
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Banker tells her that they have rules, the paper is invalid and they would at least need a death certificate for her to prove that he's actually dead. She successfully tries to get a death certificate from the county registrar.

Without the legality of fire in a national monument, Grand Theft Parsons opens the door to discuss the following points:

  • A handwritten note does not make an acceptable will, no matter how hard a desperate girlfriend does. Get a property attorney who knows what actually makes a legal validity.
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  • Hospitals do not want to release bodies to "close friends", be it supervisors or life partners without legal certainty. In fact, those who want to make their own homemade to a family member can have a hard time getting a body released to their next.
  • Bribing a freight writer must break some kind of law, but this movie was set in 1973, before September 11, security improvements at airports came into force.
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    Only "Famous Shippers" can now handle dead bodies when it comes to air freight. You can not just drive a psychedelic lamp to the air freight office anymore. Sigh.

By the way in the true story, the police, Kaufman and his friend, slammed the body, but the couple got away. They were arrested several days later.
Since there was no law against stealing a dead body, they were only fined $ 750 to steal the coffin and were not prosecuted to leave 35 pounds of Parsons & # 39; charred remains in the desert.

Grand Theft Parsons is a fun movie with a few life-and-dead lessons sprinkled into the comedy. It can be rented on DVD via Netflix and purchased on Amazon.com (as available). Classified PG-13 for drug references and some language.

What to do while staying at hotels – Lincoln City, Oregon

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Hotels in Lincoln City, Oregon offer tourists a wide range of accommodations, from five star luxury hotels to campsites located in rude and scenic surroundings with nature as a backdrop. With lush evergreen forests, clean, sharp air and sandy beaches with breathtaking views of the majestic Pacific coast, there are plenty of things to do and see.
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Whether you're the rugged outdoor type that prefers natural surroundings like campsites or all accoutrements of exclusive hotel rooms Lincoln City, Oregon is a popular destination that attracts people from all over the country. The city offers plenty of things to do and see, with recreational and cultural activities 365 days of the year.

A number of hotels in Lincoln City Oregon

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The city's beachfront location provides travelers with many options: luxury suites, nostalgic bed and breakfasts, motels, campsites and RV areas or beachside hotels. The city's prime seafront location means that visitors can book beachfront accommodation right by the beach or just a short drive away. Many offer special activities so it's a good idea to explore hotels to find the one that suits your preferences before making reservations.
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Things To Do In Lincoln City

Together with the best choices in hotel rooms, Lincoln City Oregon offers lots of activities designed for coasters. From glass rafts on the beach and picturesque dishes at the Pacific Coast Center for culinary art or sightseeing along the shortest river in the world, D River, you will find plenty of activities for outdoor lovers. With a wealth of activities and plenty of hotel rooms, Lincoln City, Oregon has quietly become one of the top 25 places to retire in the United States and for good reason.
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This is & # 39; others & # 39; coast, with a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle away from hustle and bustle and burning temperatures in July. The population is quaint, but not too small, of only 7,437 residents, according to the 2000 US census. When you leave your hotel room, the city offers plenty of activities.

On the water

Lincoln City's coastal location means one thing: Lots of water activities. If seafood is your thing, take a few crabs, mussels, mussels and other seafood delights by renting boats, bait and equipment at local outdoor rental equipment stores.
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If you prefer to see aquatic as opposed to catch it, try a time-long whale safari, sail on kayaking on Devils Lake or deep sea fishing where you can swim, dive and explore for your heart's content. More than 200 gray whales live in the area year round; You can see them without binoculars from hotel rooms on the beach. There is also plenty of water activities with canoeing, kayaking, boat, pontoon, water bike and jet ski.

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On The Land

While taking time to enjoy all the city has to offer, especially the area's lush natural environment. There are lots of natural, land-based activities, such as sailing and pelican stations along SW 51st Street.
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The nearby Siuslaw National Forest offers lots of adventure for nature lovers, from mountain walks, beach battles, horseback riding and dune dunes to explore forests and trails and miles of dunes. Experience all this coastal city has to offer.

Pets allowed San Diego hotels

Filled with unique and exotic world-class family attractions, San Diego is a country that appeals to travelers who want to spend their leisure time enjoying leisure activities. For a perfect and comfortable stay, San Diego offers a wide range of lodging options.

There are several pet-friendly hotels in San Diego. By reserving these precious San Diego hotels, travelers can enjoy company pets during their visit. With a wide range of excellent services, pet-friendly hotels in San Diego allow dogs, cats, parrots or other pets to stay with you in your room. They offer a wide range of pet services including toys, tours, linens, dog sitting and dog walking.

Pet-friendly San Diego hotels have some pet restrictions. Strange and exotic pets such as monkeys, hedgehogs, reptiles and other wildlife that can be dangerous to humans are not allowed in pet-friendly San Diego hotels. For hygienic reasons, pets are not allowed in the breakfast area. They are also not allowed in public places such as the lobby, restaurants, bars and conference houses.

Most hotels allow a maximum of two cats or dogs per day. Room. Pets up to a maximum weight of £ 50 are available in most of the pet-friendly San Diego hotels.

Most pet-friendly hotels in San Diego charge extra to earn your pet while others do not charge. The number of fees varies from one hotel to another. Discounts of up to 50% are available in most of the pet-friendly San Diego hotels.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites San Diego, Holiday Inn Express Suites San Diego, Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites San Diego, Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites San Diego.

It's not that big of a deal

You would have thought business owners and the people they hire to run their businesses would have got it now. It's a month away from the seventh anniversary of 9/11, and unfortunately, as I write this, I can still hear the last one … "It's not that big of a deal" calling in my ears.

Do you remember the penultimate season of Sopranos on HBO some years ago? Being from Jersey and growing up in a predominantly Italian city, I am a big fan of the crime drama. Tony's "familia" is always looking for new, interesting and illegal ways to keep him, Carmela, Meadow & AJ in the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

One of these scams involves Tony's nephew and newly appointed Capo (Captain) Christopher Moltasante. Chris & his crew move credit card numbers all over Jersey and sell them to two highly suspected Middle Eastern dissent men.

Remember how the fraud almost puts poor Artie Bucco's restaurant out of service? American Express revoked his merchant account. He confronted his staff and began to lose confidence in them. Showing his hostess, one of his most trusted employees, tweaked the cards just below his nose and gave them to his gangster girlfriend. Another hostess dropped dime on the way to expensive new shoes.

What about the scene where a Chris & # 39; The crew collects skimmer from the Orthodox Jewish motel owner he looks up slowly from his prayer book to take the cool envelope of cash and hand out the skimmer then he goes back to prayer. It is only on the screen for a few seconds. Really think of the irony of that scene: A Jew takes money from men of Middle Eastern dissent (possibly terrorists), via the mob, for stolen credit cards that could be used by other men in Middle Eastern dissent to buy missiles and launch those in Israel or fund other terrorist acts worldwide – including the United States. If only we all could be so cooperative in positive uplifting efforts

David Chase that the show's executive producer took it right there. But what does a story from a fictional TV show have to do with 9/11? Mr. Chase used his TV show to produce a near documentary on how identity theft finances terrorism. He got it right. But what did people talk about? – "Gay" Why? Repeat after me, "It's not that big of a deal." The "I" refers to Identity Theft.

19 men in Middle Eastern dissent could plunge planes, later hijacking and then intentionally and irrespective of human life plunged into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and a small field in Pennsylvania, with stolen identities (DMV & sign identity theft). The planning and execution of these attacks was paid with funds that were largely derived from credit card fraud (financial identity theft), including the fake documentation that allowed these men to learn to fly planes and live and work among us (DMV & SS ID Theft)

Richard Clark, President Bush's former terrorist chief, said: "I fear identity theft more than all queada."

Quite right, while in the office formerly acting NJ governor Richard Codey heard him. On September 22, 2005, he signed the New Jersey Identity Theft Prevention Act. The law is appropriate for the business community because criminal companies will not pursue one or two identities when they can get hundreds, thousands, tens, even hundreds of thousands with the same effort and minimal risk.

However, the law is malformed. It suggests that there is a way to prevent identity theft when in fact there is no. Too many data are placed in databases that can be compromised, and thanks to a part of the internet, a beginner can also match an almost complete identity with multiple bits of these data cobblestones together. Gregory M. Lamb wrote in his article for Christian Science Monitor "The End of Privacy" "In an increasingly digitalized world, our information becomes less secure." July 23, 2006 Star-Ledger reporter Ralph Ortega went undercover to chronicle how easy it is for illegal immigrants to get all the necessary documentation to get employment. On July 21, two Texas brothers just two days before the report was gossiped to sell fake IDs. The police believe they traveled the country that sold fake documents, including social security cards and driver's licenses from all 50 states.

You think I have everything from a TV show? No, I got it from the same place, David Chase, 9/11 Commission report. Mr. Chase used his shady characters to tell a very real and dangerous story, one to be told over and over until businessmen in NJ & around the country wake up. Business owners must learn to protect their businesses, their employees, customers, suppliers and themselves. Our military fighting matches, identity theft can be financing – it's a big deal – a very big deal, one that you don't want to find yourself on the wrong side of.

Disneyland Vs Disney World – Which is Better?

What's better, Disney World or Disneyland? I recently had the opportunity to visit both parks so I thought I would share my views with you.

first Convenience:

Disney Land is in the middle of a city. It is surrounded by and walled off from the hustle and bustle of Anaheim, CA. This means it is surrounded by restaurants, grocery stores and hotels. When I went to Disneyland, I could go straight from my motel. At the end of the day we simply went back. Simple. Disney World, by contrast, is nothing like that. It sits on a large piece of land that is isolated from something else. Without staying in one of Disney's hotels, you'll see at least 30 minutes driving time to get to Disney World from anywhere in Orlando. Then you have to pay for parking and it is usually a long walk from your car to get to the park because the parking lot is amazing! With convenience, Disneyland is the clear winner.

2nd Variety

On the other hand, the fact that Disney World is on such a large isolated piece of land brings its own benefits. There is much more area to spread out in and they can better create the experience of truly being in another "world". Disney World has 4 large parks – The Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom. They also have some smaller parks and water parks, but I didn't go to any of them.

Generally, I say that both parks are worth it. Disneyland is much more comfortable, but it was that I was totally blown away by the overall experience at Disney World.

RVs and Road Trips in North America

If you haven't noticed it already, the North American continent is a big place. If you were to drive from Lubec, Maine to Coos Bay, Oregon, you would have traveled from one of the easternmost cities in the United States to one of the westernmost cities. The distance traveled would have been about 3,500 miles. Of course, Hawaii is further west, but since it is an island, we do not count for this article. The point of these figures is to illustrate the large size of North America and the United States in particular. Why do we have to worry about this? Well, if you like weather, we live in a good country to take massive weather trips.

If you've already traveled a fair amount in the United States, you've noticed the large number of motor homes or RV's on the road. These are a popular way to travel as you can use the vehicle to travel long distances in relative comfort. When fatigue sets in, it is easy to stop for the night at a campground or empty car park and turn on some rest in the built-in bunks or beds you find in RVs of all shapes and sizes.

These types of recreational vehicles are generally not the most fuel efficient way to travel, but it makes it easier to shorten the need to stop at hotels or motels on the road to get a night's rest, and they also make it easier for larger ones. groups to travel together. Many traveling artists use large buses similar to Greyhound buses that have been equipped as RVs. This allows for a more private and comfortable travel experience as well as providing a place to stay if needed in the final destination.

One disadvantage of driving a large RV is that if you plan to spend some time at your destination or in stop along the way and need a vehicle to run errands or go sightseeing, the big RV is definitely not the one ideal form of transport. Because of this, many RV owners will use a car dolly to pull their backup vehicle behind them for use along the way. Usually, this vehicle is a small car that does not overload the RV that pulls the rope and does not use too much fuel when it is in use on it. Another potential method some owners use is to bring a scooter or motorcycle together mounted on a stand on the back of the RV.

Compact refrigerators are large when small is needed

The small refrigerator can be used in many places that a regular sized refrigerator would not be practical. Many places, including offices, apartments, student bars, hotels, motels and military homes can benefit from using compact refrigerators.

Many models of compact refrigerators are good for home use. A finished basement with a family room or a rec room can better utilize a small refrigerator over a large one. And of course when traveling in your home, the smaller frig is a must. There are many more areas in the home and office when less is more convenient.

Most compact refrigerators come with many features.


Fuzzy logic with automatic defrost

Door hanger can be converted to left or right side

Adjustable shelves

Door holders with bottle fingers

Some are made specifically for keeping wine and beer cool. These come with double glass doors, adjustable shelves and a wine bottle shelf. These machines are very reliable and a good solution for tight spaces.

On vacation with the kids? Compact refrigerators can go on trips. Parents can keep healthy snacks, formal and even medicines that are fresh in these machines. Several are supplied with 12 volt adapters for use in vehicles.

Islamorada, Florida Hotels – Where did they go?

Islamorada, Florida Keys. Where the big outdoors lures you. The ocean. Reef. The cool sea breeze.

Just another day in paradise! But there is only one small problem.

When the day is finished, where can you stay? Where are all Islamorada, Florida hotels?

Islamorada Florida Hotels

Islamorada lodging is a little more difficult than in the rest of the Florida Keys. Maybe because Islamorada is between Key Largo and Marathon, people often go to one or the other. And for some reason, a place to stay in Islamorada tends to be more expensive than the other Florida Keys.

When comparing different Islamorada accommodation types, there are a few things to keep in mind. The main reason why people stay in Islamorada is because they have a fishing charter. Since the best time to fish is either early in the morning or past sunset, you will probably find a place to live pretty close to the marina.

However, Islamorada is also a prime diving spot in the Florida Keys. If you come to the reef is important to you, there are some resorts that offer diving and snorkeling trips. In addition, these are not many public beaches, so if you want to "beach it" on your vacation, try to find a resort that has its own.

They tax the beds?

Well, not really, but the keys require a 11.5% resort (bed) tax per night. If you're trying to keep a budget, keep that in mind. Then $ 100 per day. Night stay suddenly $ 117.50 (including Florida state tax).

Prices tend to be reliably high, and great deals are not as common (though for the sleuthful traveler they are out there). In any case, find a resort that best suits your needs.

Islamorada Lodging

When it comes to Islamorada, Florida hotels, your choices include chain hotels, mom and pop motels and a complete vacation or two. There are just not always enough rooms to walk around when it is first class fishing and diving season.

Your best bet? You guessed it – "it depends". What is your budget and what do you want to do?

If you want bells and whistles in a resort, you might want to look at Pelican Cove. You can rent a boat or jet ski, dock your own boat, take a walk or just nap by the pool.

On a tight budget? You can check out Dagens Inn. There may not be many frills, but it is a place to live that does not break the bank.

High-end Islamorada, Florida hotels are also available. The Moorings are completely exclusive, and it has been called one of Islamorada's best kept secrets.

Want to know some more goodies about Islamorada hotels and resorts? Look at some of the rates? Check out:


Have a great Florida Keys vacation!

The dangers of a motel room

There are many jobs out there that require you to travel many times during the year. Traveling can be fun, you move around the world and see sights that others only dream about. You get to experience different cultures and their different beliefs. Really there can be nothing sweeter than coming to a distant country and not realizing how different we are, but how we can be alike. My mother sold real estate around the world and I was fortunate enough to go with her. When I was a little older, I was even allowed to go to these places by myself. It was great to be so young and able to go to these beautiful different countries. Every time I wanted to go, she would give me a certain amount of money to buy food and stay in a hotel near the house. My job while I was there was to clean up the house by making various duties such as cleaning the windows, sweeping and moping, cutting the lawn and just getting it prepared for a potential cottage builder.

My mother would give me anything for all my hard work of course, but it was only eighty to one hundred every time I went. What I originally started to realize was that if I lived in a place not as fancy as the local Holiday Inn, I could potentially save hundreds of dollars that I could pocket. When I actually saved four hundred dollars from the amount my mother had told me so I could stay at a fancy hotel. But I have always worked with me, the motels in the different countries were far below the living conditions of the hotels. There were bugs, no hot and dirty sheets. While I was in Singapore, I actually made a very unpleasant rash that took over the better part of my knee. It scared me so much that I ended up sleeping on an explosive bed at the house, which I was supposed to imagine. But to be a kid who loved money I decided to keep money at the motels so what I did was tell my mom it freaked me out to sleep on the hotel beds because I was worried they weren't cleaned well . She told me that there was nothing to worry about, but if I was still coordinated, she could get me a duvet cover and that I could use duvet covers to protect me from any bacteria that would be left on the bed. Since then I have used duvet covers when traveling and wherever I stay and I have not had any rash since, therefore I recommend using a duvet set to protect you from the dangers of a motel room.

Pet Friendly Motels, Pet Hotels, Dog Friendly Hotels, and Pet Travel

If you are a frequent traveler and animal owner, you are probably aware that
are pet-friendly motels that you can bring your dog or cat to while on
. If you hate to leave your pets on a boarding house while traveling,
will be wise to find pet hotels along your route so that your family members
can stay with you. Many dog ​​friendly hotels allow canines up to a certain weight without extra deposit. Some pet-friendly motels require a deposit and
larger pets and reptiles are not allowed.

Before ordering your rooms, make sure your pet-friendly motels are acceptable
pets that match the weight of your animal. Some pet hotels will require you to keep
the animal in a cage in your room, and most dog friendly hotels ensure that your dog stays on line anytime outside your room. There are
Many websites that specialize in pet-friendly hotels or apartment rentals with easy to
use guides to help you find the best accommodation that is convenient for you and
that is comfortable for your animals .

If you plan to be away for long periods, you may want to reconsider bringing
along your pet to pet-friendly motels. Some animals are better off at a
sitting or in a boarding facility than traveling around to various animal hotels. When you
reserve a room at dog friendly hotels, you would like to ask what policies apply to
about animals and whether there is a deposit. Most accommodations
businesses will always allow sight-seeing or service dogs, whatever their pets
policies are. The more research you do on the lodging options for your vacation
or destination, the more comfortable your pet will be on the road. If you
travel by plane, you must also forget to check with the airlines about their pets
policies. Many airlines require larger dogs to be in a cage in the checked baggage section of the aircraft and must also see evidence of animal licenses, especially when
travel to a foreign country. Smaller dogs and cats can sometimes be transported
to the aircraft in a pet carrier if the carrier is small enough to fit under the aircraft's

As you prepare to leave your pet-friendly hotel, be sure to pack with
some portable pet bowls and adequate food and water supplies for your pet to last
during the journey. You might also want to have a small carpet or toy from
home to remind your pet of the scent of their home. If you drive to your destination
you may want to search for dog parks along your route or schedule
stops to walk your dog for at least 30 minutes to release their energy. If you travel with a cat, consider bringing a portable box that your cat can use on the road or in your hotel room. Most importantly, your pets are safe in
your vehicle and do not pose a hazard to the driver.

Hospitality Careers in hotels, motels and resorts

Do you like meeting new people and welcoming you warmly to your guests? Chances are, you enjoy a career in the hospital industry. Hotels, motels and inns are an indispensable part of travelers' lives and a large part of our country's economy. According to a recent survey of hotel and motel lodging, the US hospitality industry includes about 30,000 businesses operating 50,000 individual locations with a total annual revenue of over $ 90 billion.

Accommodation companies can vary considerably in size and in the number of services they offer, and can range from a cozy bed and breakfast to the coast to an excellent Las Vegas hotel casino. Many lodging managers work in traditional city and suburban hotels and motels, but outside the beaten track there are many other options, including resorts, bed and breakfast establishments, recreational camps, cruise ships, hostels and RV parks.

A wide range of options

Within the hospitality industry there are many rewarding career opportunities. The one person overseeing all property leasing operations is often referred to as the general manager. In larger hotels, a general manager oversees a staff of assistant managers in various departments, including office administration, housekeeping, purchasing, security, staff, marketing and sales, maintenance, food and beverages, as well as guest recreation and relationships. At a casino, gaming activities can be a big division and can even run the business strategy for the entire brand.

A successful lodging manager must be a "jack of all trades." Accommodation managers have extensive responsibility for the operation and profitability of the property. They can hire and train staff and set schedules. Most importantly, a good general manager must have experience and training in all aspects of the hotel activities, from running the restaurant to knowing how to join the linen service to running the web-based reservation system.

In large companies, office managers are responsible for hotel guests and can exceed reservations and room tasks and rent and train the hotel reception. Convention services leaders over meetings, conventions and special events. Marketing directors and PR directors are responsible for fulfilling business goals and coordinating advertising and promoting the property. Managers can work with IT specialists to ensure that the hotel's computer systems, internet and communications networks create value. Food and beverage managers monitor the hotel restaurant and catering activities.

How do you pay?

Earnings directors vary depending on their location, responsibilities and the segment of the hospitality industry in which they work. According to a recent report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Division of Occupational Employment Statistics, the average annual earnings of accommodation managers is $ 42,320. The middle fifty percent earn between $ 31,870 and $ 58,380. The lowest ten percent earns less than $ 25,120, and the highest ten percent earns more than $ 82,510. For highly qualified people working in the industry's upper echelons, compensation may be significant.

Education and Advance

Although previous experience working in the hospitality industry always helps, management students for larger hotels can have a bachelor's or master's degree, preferably in hospitality or hotel management. Most large full-service chains typically look for graduates who have a bachelor's degree in hotel, business or guest management administration. On smaller properties, especially those with fewer benefits, wages may be lower, but employers are considering applicants with an associated degree or certificate in hotel, restaurant or hospitality management.

Job Outlook

According to the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) Business Overview Handbook 2010-2011 Edition, job growth will be about five percent a year and the labor market will Be competitive. The government expects job seekers holding a college in hotel or guest management administration to have better opportunities, especially for luxury and upscale hotels, cruise ships and resorts. Switching to hotels with limited personal service may result in fewer opportunities for middle managers. Good customer service skills and experience in the hospitality industry, beyond a college degree, are assets for any job seeker.

Train for a Reward Career in Hospitality

To explore the opportunities for career education, log in to a reputable college library site and request free information from colleges and career schools with hospitality programs. Compare three or four programs, check out finance options and get a feel for their job placement services. If you find a school you like, plan a campus visit or apply online.

If you're ready to move into an exciting new career in hospitality, with the right education, you can have a bright future!

The best motels in Texas

Texas is one of America's most preferred holiday destinations. Apart from its great outdoors, it also has several attractions such as the Nimitz Museum. There are several motels that could compete with other accommodations in terms of quality and elegance. You are guaranteed that any type of accommodation you choose, Texas can give you a memorable stay.

Most of the attractions are near motels and you can easily relax from a full day of sightseeing and activities. These establishments also include a complimentary breakfast in their accommodation. For the rest of the day there are various restaurants you can choose from.

Super 8 Motel
Super 8 Motel is located in 5336 Wurzbach Road San Antonio TX 78238. It is just 2 miles from South Texas Medical Center and Ingram Mall. Other nearby attractions include Sea World, the San Antonio Riverwalk, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and the Alamo. This motel has 3 floors with a total of 62 rooms.

Check-in time at Super 8 is 3 PM while check-out time is 11 AM. You must be 21 to check in at their 24-hour reception and a photo ID and credit card are required. Amenities include air conditioning, complimentary bottled water, and a safe deposit box at the front desk. A complimentary breakfast is also served each morning and coffee in their lobby areas.

Miller Inn Motel
Miller Inn Motel is located on the main street of Fredericksburg, Texas. It is just 6 blocks from Fredericksburg's main shopping area along with antique shops, local restaurants and the historic Nimitz Museum, now known as the Pacific National Museum.

Miller Inn is privately owned. It has clean, economical, quiet and comfortable rooms at budget-friendly prices. All rooms have air conditioning and a hairdryer. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, balcony and hairdryer. All of their motel rooms are on the ground floor with carports.

In addition, their rooms have a microwave, cable TV, mini fridge and coffee maker. You can also choose between smoking and non-smoking rooms or if you want a kitchenette. The Miller Inn is also a pet-friendly motel. They are open to coaches, bicycles and exaggerated vehicles. Their address is 910 East Main Street Fredericksburg, TX 78624.

Canton Motel
Canton Motel is located at 451 West Highway 243 Canton, TX 75103. It is just a short distance to 9 Wal-Mart, Trade Days Market and various restaurants. . It is Texan operated and owned.

Some of the wonderful amenities of the motel include spacious parking spaces even for trailers, buses, RVs and trucks; Non smoking rooms; wake up calls; free local calls; Free continental breakfast. The rooms are guaranteed with cable TV, private bath, air conditioning and heating as well as a mini fridge, antique furniture and coffee maker.

For reservations, please call them at 888-577-6011 or 903-567-6011. They accept all major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. They also offer packages. You can try their two night package. This is good for 2 people, couples or honeymooners.